Russell-Cooke criminal law solicitor Nicola O'Connor appeared on last weekend's television programme called Sunday Morning Live on BBC1.

With recent publicity and media attention surrounding cases such as Amanda Knox, the programme asked for Nicola to comment as a defence solicitor on the subject of 'whether women were treated more harshly than men in the criminal justice system in the UK'.  The discussion followed comment from the lawyer for Amanda Knox after her trial and subsequent appeal in Italy. 

Nicola believes that females are not treated more harshly by the courts, but as women are very rarely tried for such grave crimes as a consequence they can attract more media attention. In Nicola's experience it is the 'trial by media' that often ensues which can mean that women may be treated more harshly and become demonised in the press. The same can of course happen to men and not just women.

Nicola is regularly asked to appear and contribute to debate programmes on the BBC, both on television and radio as an expert in her field.

Russell-Cooke has experience of dealing with high-profile cases with significant media interest. Our clients benefit from that experience and understated approach.

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