Jason Hunter, Partner and Head of the property litigation team, appeared on itv This Morning on 2 August 2013. Jason formed part of a panel of three specialist lawyers on the live show who took questions collected from the public on various areas of law whilst also offering tips on how to deal with issues when they arise.

Joined by criminal Barrister Kama Melly, and personal injury lawyer Alicia Alinia, Jason commented on issues about claimed damage to property, in particular water damage to a flat, and the potential effect of the claims on a sale.

Jason commented, "It is a great honour to be asked to appear on this type of show. The work I do particularly focuses on the avoidance and resolution of property issues and as such can involve many intricate issues which are hard to reveal as most cases are not as straight forward as everyone thinks. That was very much an issue for the viewer whose problem I considered today."