Jae Carwardine, partner and head of the fraud and criminal litigation team, successfully acted on behalf of John Edwards, picture editor for the Sun, achieving a unanimous acquittal of both charges of causing misconduct in a public office on Friday 16 January 2015.

John Edwards and five other journalists stood trial over the last three months as part of Operation Elveden, Scotland Yard's investigation into corrupt payments to public officials. After seven days deliberation, the jury cleared John and another reporter of all charges.

John Edwards was accused of two counts of conspiracy: that he conspired to pay both a Broadmoor nurse (Robert Neave) and a police officer (Simon Quinn) for confidential information. John was first arrested in February 2012; after three years with his life on hold, he was finally cleared of the two charges he faced. The jury continued to deliberate at Kingston Crown Court regarding other outstanding charges for other defendants.

Jae Carwardine said, "I am delighted by this outcome. Justice was done. Having waited three years for this matter to finally be heard, John Edwards and his family can now resume normal life. It has been a privilege to represent John throughout and to be involved in this fascinating case, not least to gain some insight into the immense stress and strain of life working at the picture desk of The Sun".

John Edwards added, "From my first appointment with Jae Carwardine, I instantly felt at ease and was filled with confidence. I knew straight away this was the person I should have on my side. Over the following three years her advice, kindness, knowledge, hard work and utter professionalism has got me through an horrific ordeal and got me the not guilty verdict she had always believed I deserved. I now consider her to be a great friend as well as a great lawyer."

Previously, Jae also successfully represented journalist Tom Savage (Daily Star Sunday), who was acquitted regarding allegations of making corrupt payments to a public official. Click here to find out more.

The Operation Elveden case has been covered extensively by the press. Visit the BBC website for the full news report.