Our regulation team, led by Matt Bosworth, partner, have taken successful legal action on behalf of Sky UK in relation to individuals and companies breaching Sky's copyright by showing unauthorised Sky Sports programming in commercial premises. 

A claim brought at the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court for a breach of Sky's copyright and intellectual property rights led to proceedings being issued against a Birmingham licensee. As part of the Court approved settlement, the defendant signed undertakings prohibiting her from showing Sky programming in the premises without the correct commercial viewing agreement from Sky Business. The settlement also contained a Penal Notice stating that she would be in contempt of Court if she were to show unauthorised Sky Sports broadcasts in the future. As part of the settlement she is liable to pay damages of £50,000 in the event of future infringements.

In a separate matter, Dunglen Limited, the premises licence holder of the Surrey Arms in Portsmouth paid £10,000 in a settlement having been found to be showing unauthorised Sky Sports programming in the premises rather than face proceedings at the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court. 

Alison Dolan, Deputy Managing Director at Sky Business stated that "actions such as these highlight the consequences of copyright infringement. Licensees who choose to televise contents illegally should be aware that they are at high risk of being caught and face substantial penalties."

Sky went on to state that "these successful cases come from Sky's instruction to intellectual property experts from Russell Cooke LLP and form a key part of Sky's commitment to protecting pubs who invest in legitimate Sky Sports subscriptions".

This case has been widely reported in the press. Please click here to view the Morning Advertiser's coverage.

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