Eva Akins, special educational needs solicitor, has co-authored a Handbook on ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Published by ADHD Richmond Support Group, the handbook explains how to recognise the neuro-developmental condition and what can be done locally to give children with the disorder a better start in life.

Eva Akins says “With the right support and adjustments in place children with ADHD can thrive and succeed. It is essential that parents and schools understand their respective rights and obligations. There are at least 101 reasonable adjustments schools can make to create a better learning environment for children with ADHD. We’re campaigning to have every teacher trained about how they can assist their students with this disability”.

The ADHD Richmond Support Group, which celebrated its 21st anniversary this year, is a voluntary, non-funded body focused on supporting families with ADHD-related concerns. Alastair Yates, who helps run the Group, commented “Until now, it was a daunting prospect to find out what might be at the root of a child’s learning and social difficulties at school. This Handbook starts at that base level and offers a pathway to diagnosis of ADHD”.

The new Handbook is available online at the ADHD Richmond Support Group website alongside printed copies which are being sent to all local schools and GPs.

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