Russell-Cooke's commercial dispute resolution, family, and inheritance and succession teams have been recommended by their peers in the 'The Times' Best Law Firms' 2020 listing.

'Best Law Firms 2020', is a survey compiled with the help of business market research firm, Statista. This firm contacted more than 20,000 solicitors and hundreds of clients in England and Wales and asked them to recommend the best law firms in various categories.

Those with the most votes from 3,271 respondents made it into The Times Best Law Firms 2020. Each is commended in one or more of 26 categories of law. According to The Times, the list is based primarily on one question asked of solicitors: other than your own firm, which practice would you instruct in this area of work?

Jonathan Ames, editor of The Times Best Law Firms 2020 said: "More than 50,000 lawyers practise at law firms in England and Wales and Scotland and the legal profession contributes about £26 billion to the UK economy. It is a profitable and at times cut throat business. These are the firms that the lawyers themselves say are on top."

Senior Partner John Gould said: "We are pleased to be featured in the commercial dispute resolution, family, and inheritance & succession categories in The Times Best Law Firms list. It is good to know that we are valued by other lawyers, a key group whose members are important to us both as referrers of work and, in many cases, as clients. Clearly as lawyers they tend to have rather exacting standards making them a difficult bunch to please!"