Each year International Women's Day provides a focal point for celebrating the achievements of women in all walks of life and an opportunity to raise awareness and take action for equality.

At Russell-Cooke we have a long and proud history of campaigning for equal rights for the disenfranchised since our earliest days when our founders had close links to the fight for women's suffrage. 

Last year we welcomed the centenary year of women's admission to the legal profession and in the wake of International Women's Day 2020 we have taken a moment to celebrate the contribution that women have made to this firm.

We have come a long way since our first female partner, Pauline Carter, joined the firm in the late 1960s. When she left in 1976 she was one of only six partners. The firm now has 58 partners and 22 of those are female. Over the past two years we have promoted four women and three men to the partnership and while parity for men and women across the legal profession remains an aspiration, Russell-Cooke is heavily female in profile. We have a 38% female partnership, far above the vast majority of our peers in the top 100 law firms and we are proud to have a Board that is 45% female. 

We recognise that there is still progress to be made, despite it being over 100 years since International Women's Day was first commemorated, and we are committed to doing the right thing in relation to our staff, clients and our professional dealings with others outside of the firm.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion partner, Gareth Ledsham said "As with other dimensions of equality and diversity, there is always more that can be done. We continue to work towards gender equality and look forward to holding ourselves to account on International Women's Day in 2021."