We often act on management of clients' portfolios and assist in protecting and improving their value. This has been particularly vital in recent years with the volume of tenants who have become insolvent. We have advised on re-gearing leases where tenants are in difficulty, minimising the losses suffered by clients whose tenants have entered into a pre-pack administration and assisted with legal action to recover monies owed for rent or dilapidations etc. We are instructed by an overseas client to manage shopping centres on Oxford Street (The Plaza), Kensington High Street (The Barker Centre) and the House of Fraser on Oxford Street. This has included advice on a whole range of issues affecting the properties including re-financing, strategic planning, granting renewing and surrendering leases, dilapidations and construction issues. We work closely with the client's property agents on these issues and have strong relationships with the client's professional advisors which reduce the time the client needs to spend on matters but enables to best result to be achieved.