• Russell-Cooke is now pursuing a claim on behalf of a lady who lives in the West Country and who was prescribed the drug Nicorandil for a period of no less than 10 years. She was initially prescribed the drug after undergoing cardiac surgery.
  • Client was prescribed Nicorandil by a number of doctors at her general practice and also two hospitals that she attended. 
  • Client argues that whilst it was appropriate for her to be prescribed the drug initially, there was however no regular monitoring or follow-up of her condition as a result of which she received a whole series of repeat prescriptions of this drug.
  • Long-term use of Nicorandil is known to carry a risk of adverse side-effects occurring, including ulceration. Unfortunately, in this particular instance, the client suffered, in addition to ulceration, the development of a serious condition, namely a fistula, which is an abnormal anatomical link between two areas and which gives rise to serious and most unpleasant symptoms.
  • An experienced professor of toxicology reviewed whether it is possible to establish a link between the long-term use of Nicorandil and the development of a fistula and has concluded that it is. The client's claim is therefore being pursued against those who provided her with numerous re-prescriptions of this drug.

 The lead solicitor dealing with this case is consultant solicitor, Terry Lee, and he is assisted by associate solicitor, Mala Parmar.