Matt Bosworth, partner in Russell-Cooke's regulation department represented "A" in proceedings brought by the Solicitors' Regulation Authority ('SRA') as a result of "A" pleading guilty to charges of Petty Larceny in the United States.

The SRA, via an internal adjudication, found that there was a case of dishonesty to answer as a result of the conviction and the SRA issued proceedings at the Disciplinary Tribunal ('SDT'). Russell-Cooke successfully argued that the actual offences that "A" was convicted of in the United States did not include any finding of intent to be dishonest and that the SRA had erred in fact and law.

The SRA, having reviewed the matter, agreed with Russell-Cooke and made a formal application to the SDT to have the matter withdrawn. Having heard the matter the SDT agreed to the matter being withdrawn.

The matter was concluded by way of Regulatory Settlement Agreement ('RSA') with “A” remaining on the Roll and undertaking not to practise as a Solicitor for a period of three months from the date of the RSA being signed.