Peter Cadman, head of regulation at Russell-Cooke, was instructed by Mr Holy in relation to a complaint of inadequate professional services (IPS) where limited admissions were made. The Solicitors' Regulation Authority (SRA) proceeded via an internal adjudication to bring a case at the Solicitors' Disciplinary Tribunal (SDT). The matter went to a substantive hearing where the SDT found that the whole basis of the SRA was wrong and dismissed the case against Mr Holy.

The SRA decided, via a second internal adjudication, to bring another case before the SDT. At the Second Tribunal hearing limited adverse findings were made by the SDT against Mr Holy. The matter was appealed to the Administrative Court of the High Court by Russell-Cooke. Mr Holy succeeded on every point of the appeal - ultimately the SRA did not oppose the appeal. The findings of the SDT were set aside in their entirety. Mr Holy agreed to pay an IPS award in the sum of £1,500 as he had offered at the start of the investigation by the SRA. The SRA agreed to pay Mr Holy costs of £10,000 in the matter.