Partner Dominic Fairclough and associate Amy Anderson in Russell-Cooke's personal injury team have achieved an out-of-court settlement in the region of £110,000 for a 29-year old motorcyclist involved in a road traffic accident. The settlement included a claim that he  had suffered a disadvantage in the labour market as a result of his injuries. 

The claimant, a 29-year old man, received compensation for the multiple injuries he sustained in a road traffic accident in September 2014. As a result of the negligence of another road user, the claimant suffered a serious fracture of the right tibial shaft and, post-operatively, went on to suffer from infections of the wound requiring surgical intervention and antibiotics. In addition to his physical injuries, the claimant developed a psychiatric adjustment disorder in the aftermath of the accident and was expected to suffer permanent moderate symptoms of general aching and discomfort in the right leg in the long-term.

The claim was settled with no particular breakdown of compensation having been agreed between the parties, however, in addition to his injuries, the claimant notably claimed for a disadvantage on the labour market caused by his physical injuries.

Prior to the accident, the claimant worked as an artist creating large items of furniture and pieces for sale in private galleries. Following the accident, he was no longer able to manage the physical demands of working in a manual occupation and he therefore transferred his skills into a semi-sedentary role within the artistic sector. With the support of orthopaedic expert evidence, the claimant advanced a claim for the impact of the claimant's injuries on his ability to work in his pre-accident role, as well as claiming for past and future loss of earnings and other financial losses.

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