Phillipa Moseley

Russell-Cooke executive assistant Phillipa Moseley opens up about her lockdown experience, how she has kept her spirits up and helped others in the process.

The pandemic and lockdown demanded huge lifestyle changes for each and every one of us. Compromise, flexibility and the ability to adapt to the circumstances became the only way to keep a certain degree of 'normal' running through our days.

For me, this change manifested very concretely. I am part of the Reheboth International Christian Centre where we aim to reach out to the lost and broken and build healthy families through our diverse worship groups. While we could not meet and worship as usual, our vision remained unchanged.

For example, I sing in a praise and worship gospel group. The lockdown period was a very different season for us all. We usually have musicians and backing vocalists at all times, but we were suddenly restricted to just one person each week singing from their front rooms. We would do this every Sunday and broadcast it to the world via Zoom and YouTube live. Being alone, singing in your own home, trying to touch the heart of whoever was watching you without any idea of who they might be was quite a surreal experience. It was strange and difficult at times, but faith and hope guided us through.

Nowadays, we meet up every Thursday on Zoom to go through our choir practice and keep in touch. It’s so important to stay connected, see how everyone’s week has been and see if we can give assistance in any way to each other.  

Alongside my singing, I also contribute to outreach initiatives aimed at feeding the homeless, for example. This too has been heavily affected by the pandemic and a real experience in itself but I am more than happy to continue helping those who are in need. In fact, we have doubled down on our efforts! We now do gather two Saturdays a month to give even more help.

The fact that we have to isolate and keep a safe distance from each other in these troubling times is all the more reason to keep the spiritual connections strong. While we are away in body, we can still find togetherness in faith. Let us keep watch on our loved ones and reach out to the needing where we can. If we can do that, we will come out of this stronger than ever.