Picture Of Walk Lucy HJ

Lucy describes a typical day in the life of a trainee solicitor at Russell-Cooke. Lucy is currently at the start of her first seat in the real estate department in the Putney office in central London.

9.00am: I take a short walk every morning, when I would ordinarily be commuting. I then make breakfast and sit down at my desk to check my emails.

9.30am: For the time being, all my work is coming through my supervisor which is great as it means I will not be overburdened or left with no work! I call him and he asks me to write a lease summary for our client who is taking an underlease of a property. We discuss the case and he makes sure I am clear on what the task entails. We also generally catch up and he checks that everything is going ok. Although starting a training contract from home is hard, everyone is extremely helpful and approachable.

9.45am: I spend the morning on the lease summary – it is a really useful learning exercise as it involves reading the whole lease, introducing me to, and reminding me of, property law concepts. I anticipate this will take me a fairly long time, and I have been told it is not urgent so I just make a start on it now.

11.00am: My supervisor has emailed me about a more urgent research task which needs to be done. I put the lease summary on hold and call the partner who is on the case. I am asked to research third party consent exemptions and how they apply. I look into it for an hour and write up a legal note and a new clause in the contract and get it sent to the partner.

1.00pm: As it is nice weather for a change, I sneak out for a quick walk on the beach with my dad and puppy – some of the benefits of working from home!

2.00pm: Our client has taken an assignment of two leases and I have been asked to do some post-completion tasks. I need to verify some bank details and draft two notices of transfers. Russell-Cooke has lots of useful resources and guides for drafting and general admin tasks. I speak to the landlord's solicitors, verify the bank details and make the payment, before sending the notices to the fee-earner on the case to check. 

4.00pm: My team has a weekly knowledge sharing call where anyone can ask questions, share anything they have learned over the past week and generally catch up. It is really helpful for me to put faces to names whilst working from home and to understand how the team operates. It also makes me feel connected to the office despite not being physically there. Again, everyone reiterates that if I need help, I can ask.

4.30pm: My supervisor checks in to see how I am getting on and how my workload is looking.

4.45pm: I have been asked to draft an "execution block" for one of our client's. This is the section of a document where the parties essentially show they intend to be bound by its contents. There are different ways to do this depending on a number of things, but in this case the client will be executing by way of Power of Attorney, which means there is a person who has the power to act in a company's name and on its behalf. I find the specific wording used when executing a deed in this way and send it to the fee-earner.

5.30pm: I make sure all my time recording is done and fill in my trainee log for the day.

6.00pm: The trainees have arranged a virtual social – drinks and a catch up. This is a really nice and informal way to ask questions and share experiences with other people in the same situation as me!

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