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When leases approach their contractual end, repair of the building is always an important issue. Paul Greatholder, property litigation partner, in our real estate team and Seb David, building surveying partner at Gerald Eve will be discussing:

  • the best time to inspect for disrepair, what we are looking for and why
  • disrepair under the LTA 1954 (e.g. statutory lease renewals) and the relationship with redevelopment
  • the practical issues surrounding access, inspections, and what amounts to good evidence
  • how to accelerate (or slow down) a claim to your advantage
  • options to protect a building where disrepair is not serious enough to secure termination


Tuesday 20 March - 7 Bedford Row, London, WC1R 4BS


08:15 - networking breakfast

08:45 - seminar begins

10:00 - ends