There are real advantages to acquiring ownership and management of a building. Although it imposes additional administrative burdens on residents, if managed properly from the outset these can be dealt with without causing too many difficulties. This briefing will provide practical and commercial insight to help residents and advisors consider their options in this area and provide guidance on how to manage a building effectively.

Shabnam Ali-Khan, David Webster and Mark Fletcher will be discussing the process for, and risks associated with, lessees taking over the management and/or acquiring the freehold of a building. The talk will cover:

  • why bother? The reasons for lessees taking over the freehold or the management of a building
  • how do you do it? The basic process of right to manage and collective enfranchisement
  • how do you deal with the 'day to day'? How to approach running freehold and management companies and key responsibilities
  • how do you avoid and/or respond to problems? How to deal with the specific challenges that arise in management disputes between lessees


08:15 - networking breakfast
08:45 - presentation
09:30 - ends


Wednesday 30 October 2019 - Royal Garden Hotel, 2-24 Kensington High Street, London, W8 4PT