Planning a move abroad is an exciting but stressful experience for any couple. However, for those in same-sex couples there is an extra (and annoying) hurdle of whether their partner will even be allowed into the country.

Even when they are happily married back home, they don’t have to travel far to find that their marriage is not only unwelcome, but could put the couple in danger.

James Carroll appears in Gay Times discussing hurdles gay couples may face when moving abroad. 

ECJ advises all EU nations must recognise same-sex couples: What does this mean for LGBTQ people? is available to read on the Gay Times website. 

James Carroll is a partner in the family team. He specialises in the financial and other consequences of relationship formation or breakdown. He is well known for having a commercial, constructive and resolution focused approach combined with the ability to pursue litigation through the courts with tenacity where necessary.