Lawyers are warning bosses not to send emails in capital letters for fear of upsetting more junior staff. Capped up emails are equivalent to shouting at employees in person and could lead to a complaint and even disciplinary action.

The problem of how to write an email without offending employees is presenting a thorny dilemma for the digital age. 'Shouty' capped up emails are PROBLEMATIC, said lawyers.

Anthony Sakrouge, head of employment law, appears in The Telegraph saying: "I have come across numerous cases where using block capitals has been the reason for either a warning or dismissal.

You could see in those cases they were using capital letters deliberately to show they are shouting. In those cases, maybe he or she [the victim] could show that there was an attempt to intimidate."

BEWARE: WRITING THIS SENTENCE COULD GET YOU FIRED@@@!!! is available to read on The Telegraph website. 

Anthony is head of the employment team. He acts for both employers and employees, specialising in contentious work and negotiations relating to the complex starting and leaving packages of directors and other senior employees.