The discussion about the number of charities and the duplication of their services rolls on. Even HRH Prince William waded into the debate early last year, with comments advocating closer collaboration among charities. A "big shift" in attitudes is required, the Prince told the Charity Commission's annual public meeting. 

"The sector must be open to collaborate, to share expertise and resources, to focus less on individual interests and more on the benefits that working together will bring," he said. 

Andrew Studd appears in Civil Society commenting "the sector is regularly criticised for having too many charities, but there are plenty of reasons why there aren’t more mergers".

Why are there so few mergers in the charity sector? is available to read on the Civil Society website via subscription. 

Andrew is a partner in the charity and social business team advising charitiessocial enterprises, trade associations and other membership and not-for-profit organisations on a wide range of charity and company law issues.