More than 12,520 petitions were made during three months April to June this year, which was 54 per cent of the total and up from 28 per cent in the same period in 2019.

The surge in online divorces comes ahead of the introduction of no-fault divorces from autumn 2021, which has led to concerns among some traditionalists that the institution of marriage is being eroded.

James Carroll explains in The Telegraph that there are inherent risks to bypassing lawyers in divorce proceedings, but that it is not for the Government to make exiting a marriage a hurdle. 

More divorces filed online than on paper for first time, Ministry of Justice reveals is available to read on The Telegraph website via subscription. 

James is a partner in the family team. He specialises in the financial and other consequences of relationship formation or breakdown. 

His principal role is to help people separate sensibly. He is well known for having a commercial, constructive and resolution focused approach combined with the ability to pursue litigation through the courts with tenacity where necessary.