"I have always been 'out' at work; this is no doubt due to the fact that both the firm in which I trained (a small firm in the City) and my present firm in which I have spent getting on for 14 years, have been very supportive places in which to work, replete with intelligent, open-minded colleagues."

Russell-Cooke's Equality, Diversity and Inclusion partner, Gareth Ledsham, spoke to The Lawyer to tell his Pride Story. While he celebrates the fact that the legal world has come a long way, it has not gone far enough yet. Self-editing and self-doubt around the prospect of being 'out' with clients are still a regular part of Gareth's professional life.

My Pride Story: Schrodinger's "coming out" is available to read on The Lawyer website. 

Gareth is a partner in the trust and estate disputes team. He advises on the resolution of conflicts that may arise out of trusts, or the estate of a deceased person. 

Gareth is also an expert in mental capacity law and contentious Court of Protection matters. He advises deputies, attorneys and others with an interest in an incapacitated person's best interests.