The Hargreaves Review of Intellectual Property and Growth was published in May 2011 and set out ten recommendations for updating intellectual property law to promote innovation and growth. The coalition Government announced today that all ten recommendations are going to be adopted. In particular, allowing home copying of content (such as CD and DVD ripping for personal use) which is subject to copyright and allowing parodies and pastiches of copyright material.

Business secretary Vince Cable MP also announced that site blocking as proposed in the controversial Digital Economy Act is too cumbersome and unworkable, and that work is being done on other ways to tackle online copyright infringement.

Russell-Cooke Intellectual Property expert Guy Wilmot appeared on Sky News today commenting on the announcement. Guy said that the proposed changes in the law relating to home copying simply reflected what consumers were doing anyway and that they were unlikely to lead to huge new innovations as most copying technology is already permitted by the current regime. In addition, he highlighted that the new rules did not address file sharing.

Guy has put together an accompanying briefing and has been quoted in and (please click the respective links for the full articles).

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