Resolution, the leading association of family lawyers in England and Wales, is staging a National Family Dispute Resolution Week from 24 November 2014. During the week family law practitioners up and down the country are focusing on raising awareness of the different alternatives available to separating couples for sorting out arrangements for their children and resolving their financial matters.

To coincide with the national campaign, Resolution have produced a new video for separating couples "a better way to divorce" which is available on their website Aimed at members of the public who are going through a separation or know someone else who is, the video sends a strong message about the range of people that separation can affect - particularly children.

Alternatives to court for resolving family disputes

Russell-Cooke has been at the forefront in the development of alternative dispute resolution, first with mediation and then with collaborative family practice. We have a team of 12 mediators and collaborative lawyers including Therese Nichols, head of family law in our Kingston office who is an accredited mediator holding an LSC Certificate of competence in mediation since 1999.

Most recently, changes in law have made arbitration an option for separating couples where it has not been possible to reach agreement. We are proud that Fiona Read, head of family law in our Putney office and part time district judge, is one of the few lawyers in the county who are qualified to offer this service.

Whatever approach to resolving matters is attempted, it is virtually certain to be an emotionally challenging experience. When in the grip of strong emotions, it is easy to say and do things which make matters worse. It is normal for people who are separating to have run out of ideas about how to communicate constructively with their partner. In recognition of this, the family law team includes consultant Florence Terry, who specialises in giving clients tools to deal with stress, anger and conflict.

Special offers to mark National Family Dispute Resolution Week 2014

1. Russell-Cooke is offering special rates in arbitration cases as follows:

  • paper only arbitration (where a decision is asked for without an oral hearing): £2,000 plus VAT
  • full arbitration: £5,000 plus VAT

These rates will apply where:

  • instructions are received by Russell-Cooke during the period 24 November through to 31 December 2014; and
  • the value of the assets total no more than £1,500,000.

2. Any clients who decide to instruct Russell-Cooke for mediation in our Kingston office  between 24 November and 31 December will have a free suitability appointment for mediation rather than paying the fixed fee.

For further information please contact:

Fiona Read - / +44 (0)20 8394 6324
Therese Nichols- / +44 (0)20 8541 2002