Janice Gardner, partner in the personal injury and clinical negligence team, successfully negotiated settlement of a clinical negligence claim for HH Dawn Shestopal on 1 August 2017 against The London Clinic.

Dawn Shestopal was left widowed following the tragic and untimely death of her husband, Neil Shestopal, aged 72 who died at The London Clinic on 13 November 2016.

Mr Shestopal died as a consequence of the negligent removal of a central line whilst he was sitting upright in a chair in the company of his wife and sister; this created an immediate air embolism to the heart which caused a spontaneous cardiac arrest. Despite resuscitation, Mr Shestopal suffered a deprivation of oxygen to the brain which left him minimally responsive until his death approximately 6 months later.

There will be an inquest into Mr Shestopal’s death on 17 and 18 August before Deputy Coroner Dr William Dolman. Russell-Cooke will be representing the Claimant along with Mr Anthony Metzer QC of Goldsmith Chambers.

Janice Gardner commented, “This was a devastating outcome for Neil’s family and friends who were looking forward to happier times together after the successful treatment of his cancer. Instead they have had to come to terms with the loss of their loved one as a result of medical negligence. Thankfully, The London Clinic has admitted breaches and it is hoped that newly introduced protocols and training will prevent this tragedy happening again”.

Further details on the case including comments from The London Clinic are available in a press release from Mr Joshua Rozenberg QC.