Russell-Cooke has joined the international network, Lexunion, with effect from May 2019. It has become the sole member law firm in the UK.

Lexunion is an international network of legal and tax experts. It is a multi-professional organisation that brings together notaries, lawyers and tax experts in several countries throughout the world. The focus is on advising private individuals and businesses in legal and tax matters, both in their home country and abroad. The more than 100 member firms are based in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland in Europe, and there is a Swiss correspondent firm in Shanghai, PRC.

Russell-Cooke provides a notarial service providing the standard functions of a 'notary public' which is authentication and certification of documents for use overseas. It is also able to arrange Foreign & Commonwealth Office legalisation.

While Russell-Cooke has offices only in the UK, a large proportion of the firm's practice involves working across jurisdictions. Specifically, the firm has four French lawyers and two French legal assistants in London who advise on many aspects of personal and tax law for clients and lawyers who need help understanding the interaction of British and French laws and tax.

The firm additionally offers specialist advice on many cross-border areas including: on investment coming in to the UK, whether for property purchases or business acquisition; mergers; company migration; tax advice; immigration; estate planning and succession, family and matrimonial, intellectual property, commercial contracts and international infringement of rights of various kinds.

Russell-Cooke is also the sole English law firm to be awarded membership to the LEGUS international network of law firms. LEGUS is a network of more than 80 law firms in jurisdictions in Europe and the United States.

Managing Partner Jonathan Thornton says: "We are delighted to have been nominated as a member firm of Lexunion by a number of our European contacts. Many of our clients have international interests or are from outside the UK themselves, so an increasing proportion of our work involves giving cross-jurisdictional advice. Membership of this network will be beneficial to a number of our legal teams and we look forward to forging new high quality referral relationships and client contacts over the coming months as we start to reap the benefits."

Marie Lariviere, Director of Lexunion says: "Welcoming Russell-Cooke as our first UK member of Lexunion is an exciting development for us. We are continuing to grow into new jurisdictions by attracting only the highest quality law firms who are well-known to our members as providing the best advice and service in their home jurisdiction. Membership follows a rigorous period of due diligence to ensure we maintain the highest standards. We look forward to a long and productive relationship with Russell-Cooke."