We are open for business, using a mix of in person and remote working within the Government guidelines, to make sure you can access the advice you need while ensuring that you and our staff remain safe and well.

Throughout the current Covid-19 crisis, our priorities have been twofold:

  • most importantly, protecting the health of our colleagues and clients and inhibiting the spread of the virus
  • continuing to deliver client services of the highest quality and maintaining the quickest possible response times.

We have since the lockdown continued to provide 'business as usual' services to help you, your family and your business to get through this crisis.

In line with the partial relaxation of the lockdown, a proportion of our staff is now voluntarily working in the office regularly and we are now able to hold face to face meetings by appointment in our offices, using social distancing measures in accordance with Government guidelines.

Whilst we expect the majority of our staff to choose to continue to work remotely for the foreseeable future, we have shown that this has made no difference to our ability to give timely and appropriate advice and we will continue to do so. However, where the closure of the office did present some difficulties in terms of locating deeds and other documents and executing deeds, the return of a core staff means a return to business as usual in this respect. 

The receptions in all three of our offices are open again for visitors although it is still advisable to make an appointment for a meeting to ensure you are able to see the appropriate specialist.

Health and well-being

Stringent health and hygiene protocols have been in place in our offices since the date of the UK Government’s first recognition that social distancing would be a critical measure in delaying the spread of Covid-19. Now that the firm is managing a gradual return to the office these protocols have been revised and strengthened. 

We are committed to keeping our staff safe as our top priority and we ask that all visitors confirm on arrival that they do not have symptoms of Covid-19 nor have they knowingly been in contact with anyone who has symptoms or is confirmed to have the virus. 

Delivery of client services

Our clients continue to be well served by our legal teams across all practice areas. We continue to advise clients on the many legal, organisational and personal implications arising from the spread of the virus.

Rest assured that if it is necessary to visit our office, we have carried out the full Government risk assessment. You can find full details of that risk assessment here.

Should you have any need for legal advice or require assistance in navigating the current complex and fast-changing legal environment, please contact your usual Russell-Cooke adviser, visit our coronavirus hub or make an enquiry.