This week Russell-Cooke responded to an urgent request for hand sanitiser made by Ealing Hospital in west London. This was the third such appeal made by the hospital in a week as stocks were running very low.

Along with Northwick Hospital, Ealing is one of the main centres of treatment for COVID-19 in west London; many of the patients are being treated in the intensive care unit. With London reportedly facing a coronavirus 'tsunami', both hospitals as part of the London North West University Health Care Trust are on the front line.

The appeal was made via the Ealing COVID-19 mutual aid group of which consultant and former partner, Graham French, is a member. On Thursday 26 March, 23 litres of hand sanitiser were delivered to the hospital via the mutual aid group.

Consultant Graham French said: "It is crucial in the fight against the coronavirus that our hospitals get what stocks are available. In these difficult times, we encourage all organisations to donate whatever stock they can. Wherever you are based, there will be an NHS Trust that requires extra supplies of sanitiser and other products."

Dr Nicole Stokoe of Ealing Hospital said: "Thank you so much for this donation. The A&E teams were so relieved and touched to receive it."

To find out how you can donate to your local NHS Trust visit their website or search on Facebook for the local COVID-19 mutual aid group. 

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