Russell-Cooke has today announced the launch of a new agile working policy following feedback gathered from across the firm.

With effect from Monday 4 October, the new policy, 'Best of Both', gives the majority of team members across the firm's offices the ability to work remotely - at home or in another location of choice - for up to 40% of their working hours each month.

John Gould, Senior Partner, said: “Everyone at the firm has adapted well to new ways of working over the past 18 months.  We have listened closely to our teams and have carefully and thoughtfully considered how best to take forward the lessons learned during this time, while balancing the evolving needs of our business, our culture and our clients. We believe our new policy will provide the best of both remote and office-based working. It is centred on the trust we have in our teams to manage their working practices to ensure client needs and other business priorities are met.

In formulating the new policy, Russell-Cooke conducted a consultation process to understand the preferences of its people regarding agile working, including focused departmental meetings and a firm-wide survey open to all.

Alison Regan, Joint Managing Partner, said: “We have long had a flexible working policy in place at the firm providing, for example, for those who require a set pattern of home working to manage childcare responsibilities. We have for some time been looking for ways in which we could do more. At the same time, our clients rightly expect a dynamic and agile approach, with remote working and technology providing new levels of adaptability and service provision.

We understand the important role the office plays in terms of learning and supervision, professional relationship building and team collaboration. We also know that not everyone is fortunate enough to have the space at home that makes remote working viable, let alone desirable. Under the Best of Both policy there will certainly be no requirement for any team member to work remotely unless they wish to do so. Balance is key. We will work with our teams to help them take advantage of the benefits which added flexibility brings, support the particular needs of individuals and, together, make the most of the opportunity that agile working provides for our people, firm and clients."