Russell-Cooke personal injury team joins Brain Injury Group

Bernadette McGhie, Consultant in the Russell-Cooke Solicitors, personal injury and medical negligence team.
Bernadette McGhie
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Russell-Cooke’s personal injury and clinical negligence team has been accepted as a member of the Brain Injury Group (BIG).

Founded in 2011, BIG supports individuals and families affected by brain injury by providing access to legal, financial and welfare services by identifying proven experts in those fields on their website. The group also organises in-person and virtual events.

Consultant and head of the Russell-Cooke brain injury team, Bernadette McGhie comments: “The team at Russell-Cooke has considerable expertise in managing brain injury cases and it is a real tribute to the team that we are now members of BIG. The firm’s membership of BIG reflects not only its specialism in the field of brain injury cases, but also its passion and dedication to helping people who have been affected by such injuries. We pride ourselves on our commitment to outstanding client care – we ensure our clients not only get legal closure but find real help so they can get back on track with their lives as best they can. It is gratifying to see that approach translate into a membership of such a high-quality network.”

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