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Jade Quirke, Senior associate in the Russell-Cooke Solicitors, family and children team.
Jade Quirke
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Sperm donation contributes to around 2,500 babies each year in the UK. However, the path to accessing sperm for conceiving a child can be especially complicated. How one gets hold of it is largely determined by the relationship they have, or want to have, with the donor.

Every route to conception through sperm donation is deeply personal, with the final decision depending on answers to various logistical, financial and legal questions.

Russell-Cooke associate Jade Quirke comments in Refinery29 that, as long as the intended parents and the donor have the appropriate and open conversations about future arrangements in the early stages of the process, there is no 'wrong' path. Only the parents and the donor will know what is right for them.

So, You Want Some Donor Sperm… is free to read on the Refinery29 website.

Jade is an associate in the children team with expertise in fertility law.  

She advises clients on a broad range of domestic and international children law issues including child arrangements, known donor/co-parenting, legal parenthood and relocation disputes. She is particularly experienced in advising non-traditional and LGBTQ+ families and often appears before the High Court in complex cases.

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