How to make your business attractive to investors: what do investors look for beyond the financials

Guy Wilmot, Partner in the Russell-Cooke Solicitors, corporate and commercial team.
Guy Wilmot
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An extract from the Lightbulb Sessions with Guy Wilmot, in conjunction with the Great British Entrepreneurs Awards of which Russell-Cooke is currently a sponsor.

At some point in the life of almost every business, investment will be needed whether to invest in an infrastructure upgrade, launch a new product or spread the risk and the business that has prepared itself properly will be better placed to attract investors.

Investors also tend to look for the same things in businesses they invest in as acquirers are looking for in their acquisition targets.

In this extract Guy focuses on the risk of asking for too little investment compared to your ambitions, or indeed asking for too much money.

Guy is a partner in the corporate and commercial team and advises clients on corporate affairs, startupsintellectual property and technology, e-commerce and IT. He regularly advises businesses of all sizes on their corporate affairs including shareholders and founders agreementscorporate fundraising and acquisitions and exits.

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