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Facing a criminal investigation is a highly distressing and daunting prospect, where your reputation, your livelihood, sometimes your liberty is at stake. Every client or entity that retains my services can expect tenacity and a relentless drive, combined with profound compassion and empathy for the anxiety they face.

Jae is recognised as an exceptional lawyer with expertise spanning almost 30 years. Seen as the professionals’ choice – therefore often recommended by other professionals - whether for complex fraud investigations or a serious/complex criminal investigation from murder allegations through to all sexual offences.

As her case history attests, Jae is retained by the full spectrum of professionals, often in high ranking positions, from members of the judiciary to Members of Parliament. With this expertise comes a proven track record in dealing with high-profile cases.

Often at the heart of Jae’s work are the reputational implications for the clients/entities she represents; this being at the forefront of her mind and something she seeks to fearlessly protect.

Jae commands a reputation for excellence. Clients come to her as they want someone who truly ‘owns it’ – someone who recognises the importance of their case and the gravitas of its importance to them. Jae delivers an unfaltering commitment to meet clients’ needs combined with a phenomenal work ethic.

Jae Carwardine is an exceptional partner. I have never known a lawyer make themselves so available to clients, even the most challenging ones. She combines unparalleled commitment and empathy with sound strategic acumen.
The Legal 500 (2024)

With one eye ahead, Jae is renowned for being an astute tactician, focusing on how best to protect clients’ interests and maximise the prospects of success. She is often effective in avoiding prosecution both at the investigative stage pre-charge and pre-trial following careful submissions.

While externally Jae presents as a formidable opponent, she is also known for her empathy and understanding. Being highly personable and making sense of what is often complex or unfamiliar is her forte. She brings a sense of calm to what is otherwise an often frightening experience. These attributes have led to a niche area in representing younger clients/children, sometimes connected to those who are in the public eye; such young clients are often facing serious charges, clients for whom an unblemished future is so critical. This complex area of law also requires a more specialised empathetic approach, extending to support for all involved, not least the needs of the family.

She has good judgement about outcomes but is relentlessly committed to her clients.
Chambers UK (2024)


  • Member of the London Criminal Courts Solicitors' Association (LCCSA)
  • Member of the Fraud Lawyers Association
  • Member of the Female Fraud Forum
  • Member of the international Women’s White Collar Defense Association
Jae Carwardine is exceptionally diligent and committed to her clients.
Chambers UK (2023)

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