Our specialist children lawyers have the experience and expertise to guide you through the process of adopting a child, either from the UK or internationally.

We understand how difficult the adoption process can be and aim to make it as straightforward as possible. We treat the welfare of the child as our priority.

Our experience in related areas of law, in particular care proceedings and international family law, gives us the advantage of having day to day experience of the wider context around adoption applications.

We understand how important it is to secure the support services you will need if you are adopting children who have had a difficult childhood.

We have built excellent professional relationships with the courts, judges, solicitors, barristers, experts and social workers. Much of our work is referred to us by professionals in the field, particularly solicitors and barristers.

How we can help

Matters we can help with include:

  • adopting a child in this country who has been brought to the country from overseas
  • children from the UK being adopted in other countries
  • adopting a child from social services care
  • adopting a child within the family
  • support services for adopted children at the point of adoption and in the long term, and negotiating with social services to obtain support
  • problems being assessed to be approved as an adopter or where there are disputes between adopters and social services or other adoption agencies
  • contact for children who are adopted or are about to be adopted
  • applications by birth families in adoption proceedings
  • representing minor children in adoption proceedings

If you would like to speak with a member of the team you can contact our family law solicitors on 020 3826 7528 or complete our enquiry form.

Our hourly rates are competitive, offering value for money. 

Charges are usually based on our hourly rates plus administrative charges and disbursements. We will provide you with an initial estimate of your likely legal costs and will update this as your requirements or the circumstances of the work change.