Navigating political campaigning for charities ahead of the 2024 general election #2

Navigating political campaigning for charities ahead of the 2024 general election

As the 2024 general election looms on the horizon, many charities are poised to enter the discourse, yet are grappling with the complexities and associated risks.

Our upcoming webinar brings together a distinguished panel of experts to provide invaluable insights into the legal and strategic considerations surrounding charity involvement in political campaigning.

Don't miss this opportunity to empower your charity and shape its impact during this critical electoral period. Register now to secure your place!

This webinar will delve into crucial topics enabling you to prepare for this year, including:

  • Legal and regulatory frameworks: Navigate the intricate landscape of charity engagement in political campaigning, exploring CC9 guidelines, evolving regulatory perspectives, recent social media directives, and electoral legislation.
  • Strategic campaign preparation: Equip your charity with effective strategies and practical tactics to prepare for the upcoming general election, ensuring your campaigns resonate and make a meaningful impact.
  • Frontline insights: Learn from real-world experiences as our speakers share strategies for overcoming obstacles, mitigating risks, and effectively amplifying your charity’s voice in the political arena.

Please register before 12:00pm on 22 April 2024.

Time & Location

10 - 11am


Pippa Garland (1)

Pippa Garland

Partner, Charity law & not for profit
Pippa advises charities on their legal and regulatory requirements in this area
Clare Laxton

Clare Laxton

Charity communications and influencing consultant, Clare Laxton Consults
Clare has advised charities on communications through five previous general elections
Sonya Sceats

Sonya Sceats

CEO, Freedom from Torture
Sonya comes with tales from the frontline of charity campaigning


Please register before 12:00pm on 22 April 2024.

  • 10:00am
    Webinar begins
  • 10:45am
  • 11:00am
    Webinar ends
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