Cladding scandal: as the Grenfell inquiry resumes, what did government ministers know? - The Sunday Times

Jodie Green, Associate in the Russell-Cooke Solicitors, property litigation team.
Jodie Green
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Evidence on whether Grenfell-type cladding had failed the Government test 15 years before it ended 72 lives will be under scrutiny as the public inquiry into the disaster, which resumes today, will investigate how private companies that make and test materials influenced Government policy.

Among the evidence that has been submitted to the inquiry is a report on Government-commissioned fire tests in 2002.

Russell-Cooke associate Jodie Green, who represents families and survivors of the disaster, comments in the Sunday Times that a deregulation drive under David Cameron "really did inform all of the decisions" the coalition Government made on fire risks. According to her, there was a real failure by the Government to give proper oversight to the testing and certification regime in this country.

Cladding scandal: as the Grenfell inquiry resumes, what did government ministers know? is available to read on the Time website via subscription. 

Jodie is an associate in the property and housing litigation team. She advises a broad range of clients with housing and property disputes. Jodie also undertakes legal aid work for individuals including defending possession proceedings, judicial review, homelessness appeals, suitability reviews of accommodation and disrepair claims. Jodie is also advising and representing some of those affected by the Grenfell Tower fire in the ongoing Inquiry.

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