Honour in Downing street? - New Law Journal

John Gould, Senior partner in the Russell-Cooke Solicitors, regulation and compliance team.
John Gould
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Whether or not the Prime Minister lied to Parliament, whether he broke the law, and whether MPs were threatened with withdrawal of public money for schools might all be considered breaches of the Ministerial Code. But what is the Ministerial Code? What are its contents and what sanctions apply?

Writing in NLJ this week, John Gould, senior partner, Russell-Cooke, takes a look at misbehaviour in public office and examines the limitations of the Ministerial Code.

Honour in Downing street? is available to read on the New Law Journal website.

John is Senior Partner of Russell-Cooke. His area of particular expertise is regulation and public law. He specialises in the analysis and solution of complex regulatory problems, advising regulators, government departments, law enforcement agencies, charities and statutory and professional bodies.

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