Key takeaways from the recent Federation of Private Residents' Associations' AGM

Shabnam Ali-Khan, Partner in the Russell-Cooke Solicitors, property law and conveyancing team.
Shabnam Ali-Khan
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Enfranchisement partner Shabnam Ali-Khan and associate Rebecca Wheatcroft recently attended the Federation of Private Residents' Associations' (FPRA) AGM and roundtable event on 23 November.

The FPRA is a subscription based organisation which was established around 50 years ago, providing advice and guidance to residents' associations. Member associations range from informal associations to recognised tenants' associations.

Shabnam is an honorary consultant for the FPRA, along with fellow solicitors and other professionals. Part of this role includes providing advice to its members and attending regular meetings with the FPRA.

This year's AGM was a well-attended event which included an informative talk by Anthony Essien, the CEO of LEASE. He gave everyone a useful update on the work LEASE has been doing, which includes the introduction of e-learning services.

This is a great resource which will enable leaseholders to learn more about residential leasehold and have a better understanding of their rights and obligations. The evening also presented an opportunity for members to make use of various roundtables ranging from legal advice to fire safety and building safety.

Both Shabnam and Rebecca were able to provide legal advice to some of its members.

They advised members on a range of issues including the validity of service charge demands. There was an interesting case where the managing agents had failed to adhere to a First-Tier Tribunal (FTT) decision where the leaseholders challenged the proportion of the service charge - which was incorrect - as well as the ability to recover specific items.

The leaseholders were largely successful. However, the managing agents have refused to refund the over charges. The First Tier Tribunal is unable to enforce its own decisions, so one of the options available is to make a separate application to the County Court. However, Shabnam and Rebecca suggested mediation as a route before considering mounting a legal case.

Shabnam is a partner in the enfranchisement team. She regularly advises on lease extension and enfranchisement matters, primarily under the Leasehold Reform Housing and Urban Development Act 1993, working with a variety of clients ranging from high net worth individuals and companies to individual leaseholders and investor landlords.

Rebecca is an associate in the enfranchisement team. She works closely with many blocks and deals with their licences for alterations, licences to assign, licences to sublet and other issues.

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