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Martin Rackstraw, Partner in the Russell-Cooke Solicitors, criminal and financial crime team.
Martin Rackstraw
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"The cumulative effect of new evidence about the time of death and revelations about Horizon creates a strong likelihood that the Court of Appeal would overturn the conviction."

Speaking with Private Eye, partner Martin Rackstraw discusses the impact that new evidence could have on his client's case in light of the Law Commission's decision to re-examine the 'real possibility' test.

Under current legislation the Criminal Case Referral Commission (CCRC) may only refer cases to the Court of Appeal where they believe there is a 'real possibility' of success.

The full article is available on Private Eye.

Martin is a partner in the fraud and criminal litigation team. He has been defending in serious and high profile cases for well over twenty years. Martin represents individuals facing serious allegations, particularly homicide, sexual allegations and drug matters.

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