Pandemic has increased children's risks - they need more protection not less - Children & Young People Now

Samantha Little, Consultant in the Russell-Cooke Solicitors, family and children team.
Samantha Little
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It’s difficult to know if the Government is serious about protecting children or not in the light of seemingly contradictory announcements in the last few weeks.

On 24 April the Government introduced new regulations which in the view of many informed observers leave vulnerable children even worse off than they are already. These regulations have brought in a number of significant changes which reduce and remove the measures that up until now had been in place to protect and safeguard children in care. There are many changes, and none provide any greater levels of protection to vulnerable children.

Many have expressed their deep concern that the Government has used the circumstances of Covid 19 to bring in these regulations, which have changed the law. By doing so the Government has also brought in changes it has tried to implement before but which have been defeated in the past through the democratic process. This is not only a child protection issue, it is a matter of the proper use of legal procedure and due process.

Pandemic has increased children's risks - they need more protection not less is available to read on the Children & Young People Now website. 

Samantha is a partner and head of the children law team, advising clients on all aspects of children law. She is experienced in assisting a range of clients including vulnerable adults and children. 

Samantha has Higher Courts (Civil Proceedings) advocacy rights and is an experienced advocate, representing children, parents and family members in court. She is a member of the Law Society’s Children Panel (since 1998) and is a Resolution accredited specialist (in public law children, private law children and adoption).

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