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Matt Bosworth, Partner in the Russell-Cooke Solicitors, regulation and compliance team.
Matt Bosworth
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During the lockdown, my neighbour bought two dogs to entertain the children. The problem is that he has installed a huge kennel against our boundary fence, under our bedroom window. The dogs bark all hours of the day and night — is there any way I can get him to move it to the other end of the property?

If the council fails to act, can I take my neighbour to court? How likely am I to succeed in court?

Matt Bosworth answers readers' questions in the property law column of the Financial Times. 

Property law: can we turn a shop into a home? is available to read on the Financial Times website via subscription or in the print issue of FT Weekend. 

Matt is a partner and is head of the regulation and sports law team. He specialises in professional disciplinary matters, financial regulatory matters and the protection of intellectual property rights and copyright in both civil and criminal matters. 

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