Helping when there is a dispute between executors

Alexandra Mackenzie Smith, Senior associate in the Russell-Cooke Solicitors, private client team.
Alexandra Mackenzie Smith
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Russell-Cooke Trust Company (RCTC) acted as Administrator in the estate of a deceased whose Will appointed his surviving spouse, and two of his four children as his executors.

The surviving spouse’s Will appointed the same executors but after the Deceased’s death, family relations soured and the surviving spouse changed her Will to appoint only child as her executor. The spouse subsequently died four years after the Deceased.

The relationship between the executors had completely broken down and one executor refused to engage in the administration, sign papers and took possession of the original will.  The solicitors acting for the beneficiaries recommended RCTC be appointed administrator. 

RCTC were able to progress and ultimately finalise the estate including dealing with the management and subsequent disposal of three unregistered properties, a tenant who absconded and possession proceedings.

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