Greener Litigation Pledge logo in green with a leaf. Russell-Cooke is a signatory to the Greener Litigation Pledge.

Russell-Cooke becomes a signatory to the Greener Litigation Pledge

Alison Regan, Joint Managing Partner of Russell-Cooke Solicitors and head of the trusts wills estate disputes team.
Alison Regan
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Russell-Cooke has become a formal signatory to the Greener Litigation Pledge with effect from 23 January 2024.

The Greener Litigation Pledge is a mission statement from several leading litigation practices setting out practical steps for litigators to commit to in pursuit of net zero. The aim of the Pledge is to improve the way litigation is conducted and reduce its carbon footprint. 

Russell-Cooke has a substantial litigation team, with some 33% of lawyers working primarily on contentious matters. In line with its commitment as a responsible business, the firm has pledged to reduce its environmental impact while maintaining and promoting the highest standard of client services and procedural court compliance. 

In accordance, Russell-Cooke has issued the following guidance to litigators:

  • correspond only when necessary and doing so electronically, unless hard copy is expressly required or advisable (perhaps for vulnerable clients)
  • limit the printing of hard copy bundles and other documents wherever possible and encourage counsel to use electronic bundles 
  • walk, cycle or using public transport for necessary journeys wherever feasible and appropriate
  • consider the appropriateness of agreeing to service by email 
  • consider the appropriateness of witnesses giving evidence by video-link and/or the appropriateness of full hearings taking place remotely or by telephone
We are committed to continual improvement in our efforts to achieve net zero. The pandemic brought about real change to the way we litigate but there is more that can be done to be more sustainable. We are proud to sign up to the Pledge which will help provide greater structure and accountability specifically within our litigation practice."
Alison Regan, Joint Managing Partner of Russell-Cooke Solicitors and head of the trusts wills estate disputes team.
Alison Regan • Litigator • Chair of Russell-Cooke's Responsible Business Group

The firm’s Responsible Business Report 2023-24 will be published on 31 January 2024. 

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