Settlement for client’s lost kidney transplant and chronic post-thoracotomy syndrome

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Lucy Wilton's client Ms X agreed a settlement of her claim against Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust for a six figure sum just 2 weeks before trial.


Ms X suffered from kidney failure and was admitted to hospital for a transplant.  During the operation, an injury was caused to a blood vessel resulting in a bleed into her chest. This went untreated for some days despite Ms X developing chest pain, shortness of breath and low haemoglobin. During this time, she was even given blood-thinning medication, which would have worsened the bleed. 


Ms X ultimately needed an emergency thoracotomy during which several litres of blood were removed from her chest. This has left her with chronic post-thoracotomy syndrome, causing pain and altered sensation which restrict her everyday activities.

Very sadly, Ms X also lost the transplanted kidney.  She has been back on dialysis ever since, causing a severe impact on her quality of life.  Having required numerous blood transfusions, she was left highly sensitised, narrowing her options for another transplant.  However, medical experts involved in the case thought it was still likely that she would receive a second kidney transplant in future. 


The Defendant admitted that its negligence had caused Ms X to need a thoracotomy and had contributed to her losing the transplanted kidney.  However, it disputed the amount of compensation Ms X should receive.  This issue was fought all the way up to two weeks before trial, when a settlement was agreed for a six figure sum.

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