Sometimes the law is about more than a claim. Sometimes a claim is about more than an injury.

Nimmisha Aslam, Senior associate in the Russell-Cooke Solicitors, personal injury and medical negligence team.
Nimmisha Aslam
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I have been acting for a number of victims of the Grenfell fire since 2019.

As a personal injury and clinical negligence solicitor, I am accustomed to dealing with clients who have suffered trauma. This is the crux of the work we do. However, very rarely have I acted for a group of clients who have suffered a tragedy which profoundly affects nearly every aspect of their daily lives. 

Through all the trauma the victims have suffered, they have banded together as a group and have acted in solidarity with one another. They have looked out for one another and found strength in community. 

This has also been reflected in my first experience of working closely together with other claimant law firms as opposed to against defendants only. All the firms have been focused solely on the wellbeing of the clients, working as a collective to achieve our goals.

Despite it being an injury claim, I have found myself working within this community and broaching topics outside of just their claim – how the tragedy affected their day to day living, their children and their extended families.

The majority of the victims were of BAME backgrounds. The disproportionate impact on them highlights once again the hardship and trauma that is still rampant within the community, and the work that still needs to be done to achieve a better quality of life for them.

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