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Pippa Garland
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"What rules govern the responsibilities of charity trustees, and are these likely to change in the future?"

Russell-Cooke partner Pippa Garland answers a reader's question in the Financial Times by reminding them that the legal duties and responsibilities of charity trustees have been developed across decades of case law and statutes - they are unlikely to change significantly.

That being said, the Charity Commission, the media and the public are expecting more from trustees than ever before as shown by several high-profile incidents such as the collapse of the Kids Company. 

What are the responsibilities of a charity trustee? is available on the Financial Times website via subscription. 

Pippa is a partner in the charity and social business team.

Pippa advises charities, social enterprises and other not-for-profit organisations on all aspects of charity law. Pippa combines a strong general practice advising on governance, fundraising and trading, mergers and grant making (including overseas), with a particular expertise in philanthropy, where she advises both individuals and businesses on their giving.  She has helped establish a number of family and corporate foundations.

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