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John Gould, Senior partner in the Russell-Cooke Solicitors, regulation and compliance team.
John Gould
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"No one should be denied access to legal systems because they are not represented by a lawyer, but as the proportion of those acting or transacting ‘in person’ increases, the priorities of the system need to be reassessed."

Writing in the New Law Journal John Gould examines why the meaning of what constitutes a reserved legal activity is becoming increasingly hard to define. As the lines blur, systems have adapted to cater better for those who are unrepresented. Where litigants in person are insufficiently supported, they do occupy a disproportionate amount of the system’s resources.

The full article is available to read online at the New Law Journal.

John Gould is Senior Partner of Russell-Cooke. He specialises in the analysis and solution of complex regulatory problems, advising regulators, government departments, law enforcement agencies, charities and statutory and professional bodies.

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