Is your charity cyber-savvy?

Carla Whalen, Partner in the Russell-Cooke Solicitors, charity law and not for profit team,
Carla Whalen
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As we move into 2021 it is clear that the way people in all organisations are working has changed dramatically. Managing risks has always been crucial for charities but now more than ever with virtual meetings and working from home being a key factor of many employees’ lives, there are new risks that both organisations and individuals need to consider. Our team will explore some of these key issues in a series of webinars.

Many charities moved their operations online in response to Covid-19 restrictions – some started to provide virtual services for the first time and several made changes to internal systems to allow all staff to work from home.

Finding new ways of working online can open up exciting opportunities, but a significant rise in cyber-crime during the pandemic demonstrates that increased online dependency also leads to increased risk.

Carla Whalen and Tom Pritchard look at:

  • steps charities can take to reduce cyber-risks such as online scams and phishing, rogues, data harvesting, malicious domains and data breaches
  • what can be done to manage risks if your charity is subject to an attack or suffers a breach
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