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About Lucy

I work hard to ensure my clients have early access to rehabilitation and interim payments to ensure that they have every opportunity to get the best possible recovery when suffering complex injury.

Lucy is known for her down to earth attitude and her ability to vigorously pursue justice through litigation when necessary.  

She specialises in serious and complex injury work; and acts for those who have suffered life changing injury as a result of negligence. 

She also acts for those who have been seriously injured in road traffic collisions, accident’s at work and those accidents that are little more unusual; and has particular experience in complex orthopaedic injury, brain and spinal injury.

Lucy is a signatory of the Serious Injury Guide which is a best practise guide of conduct between the parties of complex injury. This encourages proactive collaboration, to smooth a pathway to early therapy, and puts the injured person at the forefront of the process. 

Lucy’s expertise covers cases involving alleged negligence on the part of hospitals, individual doctors, and other medical practitioners.

Her experience includes mothers and children in childbirth-related injuries, misdiagnoses of cancer cases, lack of consent in surgery and delays or misdiagnosis of medical emergencies and conditions. 

Lucy qualified in 2007. She joined Russell-Cooke's personal injury and clinical negligence team in 2015. She has specialised in this area of law for over 30 years.

Lucy’s quantum cases are reported in Lawtel. 


  • Acting for her client who was involved in a motorbike accident whilst traveling home from work.  He suffered a brain injury, multiple facial fractures and a knee injury.  An interim payment was secured within 14 days and support set up funded by the defendant’s for his return home after his long stay in hospital, neuro therapy was provided and the case settled at a meeting for £1.425 million
  • Acting for her client who tripped over a carpet at work and suffered a complex fracture to her foot, known as a lisc franc injury. Liability was agreed between the parties and the case settled for £180,000
  • Acting for her client who was on a night out with friends at a local restaurant when she fell through an open cellar door. The client fell 12 feet and was knocked unconscious and suffered multiple injuries. The defendants did not admit liability. They alleged her client should have noticed the cellar door was open. She was made aware of CCTV evidence and made a court application. The defendants then admitted liability. Case settled pre-litigation for £38,000
  • Acting for her client who was an 84 year old pedestrian who sustained a serious head injury and multiple rib fractures and a calf haematoma. He could give no evidence regarding the circumstances and liability was disputed. Her client received support in the form of extensive rehabilitation which was eventually funded by the defendants to ensure a transition home. The claimant proceeded to make a good recovery. The case was concluded expeditiously given the age of the client. Case settled for £85,000
  • Achieving £450,000 out of court settlement for a 23 year old woman following injury sustained after a procedure to repair her chest wall, following a diagnosis of asymmetric pectus excavatum. The case was hard fought and had been rejected by other solicitors
  • Acting for her client, a young mother, who gave birth to her first child and suffered prolonged and negligent labour. This caused term injury to her bowel and bladder. Liability was admitted and the case was settled by mediation for the sum of £220,000
  • Acting for her client who suffered injuries to his eye as a result of a failure of the trust to undertake testing pre-surgery. He endured multiple operations to his eye and is now facing the prospect of losing his eye. The case was long and complex but was settled 8 weeks before trial for the sum of £425,000
  • Obtaining £65,000 for a client with hearing damage caused by overdosing of prescribed medication in a hospital setting
  • Obtaining an £180,000 out of court settlement for a client who brought an action on behalf of the estate of her husband who died from cryptococcal meningitis on 24 December 2015
  • Acting for a client who had a displaced fracture of the capitalum of the left elbow. However, these were not reviewed by the defendant trust, nor were new x-rays obtained. Instead the client was treated by way of two manipulations under anaesthetic. The matter was eventually settled by way of a mediation with the NHS for £50,000
  • Acting for her client who was admitted to hospital for elective hysterectomy and oophorectomy and was discharged home. The client was admitted 6 weeks later with seizure and headaches and disorientation. Her ureter was damaged in the course of the operation and this had caused kidney failure, high blood pressure and seizures. The claim was complex and it was alleged that the defendant had failed to diagnose. Proceedings were issued and a defence was filed denying liability and causation. The client wished to conclude the matter and the case was concluded by way of an agreed settlement for £60,000


  • Member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL)
  • Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives
  • Commissioner of Oaths