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Semin advises clients who are being prosecuted by local authorities for regulatory breaches such as, individuals or organisations breaching planning notices, HMO licences and taxi licence renewal licence applications.

Further, she assists partners, Peter Cadman and Matt Bosworth on sports law matters in relation to advising clubs as well as professional and amateur sportsmen concerning regulatory and disciplinary matters.

Semin is known for being hard working, focused, having excellent client care as well as being understanding and compassionate. 

Semin joined Russell-Cooke in 2008. She was called to the Bar in 2005 but subsequently re-qualified becoming a solicitor in 2012 and later secured Higher Rights of Audience. 


  • Regulatory and serious criminal cases including complex frauds, business crime, money laundering, drug offences and sexual offences. She regularly advises professional clients such as solicitors, directors and sportsmen at the police station or in court proceedings who have been accused of criminal allegations and which commonly includes simultaneous investigations by regulators such as the Serious Fraud Office (SFO), the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) or the Parole Board of England of Wales
  • Undertaking private criminal prosecutions nationwide on behalf of The Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) in relation to protecting the intellectual property rights of Sky UK under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 in matters ranging from summary trials at the magistrates court through to hearings at the High Court. She also protects the intellectual property rights of luxury goods brands such as Louis Vuitton and Mulberry by prosecuting individuals on behalf of TM Eye Limited under the Fraud Act 2006 and Trade Mark Act 1994
  • As the prison law supervisor for the firm, representing clients who are serving IPP or life sentences for murder and other grave offences before the Parole Board of England & Wales. This involves her advising clients, liaising with psychologists and psychiatrists and representing clients at their Parole Board hearings in order to secure their release. She also accepts instructions from individuals who have been recalled back to custody or who are subject to re-categorisation or adjudication matters
  • As part of the regulation team, advising clients in regulatory and disciplinary matters which often have grave career implications for the client. For example, she has experience in prosecuting and defending solicitors before the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal. She also advises and represents the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx Regulation) often before the Appeals Committee

Notable cases

  • Russell-Cooke provides a 'Rolls-Royce' service in successful statutory nuisance prosecutions
  • R v B (2015) – Mr B, a footballer, faced charges under the Bribery Act 2010 following allegations of match-fixing
  • R v M (2014) – Mr M was accused of killing a man whilst on day release from prison for serving another life sentence for murder
  • R v B (2014) – Mr B was accused of acting as a director whilst disqualified under the Company Directors Disqualification Act 1986 which resulted in the loss of over £20 billion
  • R v H (2013) – this high profile case involved Mr H, a cross dresser who was accused of an international time share fraud
  • CILEx Regulation v EC (2015) - successfully opposed Mr EC's application to be suspended from membership before the Appeals Committee due to his inappropriate behaviour
  • CILEx Regulation v BT (2015) – successfully opposed Mr BT's application to be re-admitted as a member of CILEx Regulation after he had been struck off the Roll of Solicitors
She is described as having a 'relaxed style', 'very knowledgeable' and a 'tenacious approach to cases'.
The Legal 500 (2017)


  • Studied law at Kingston University
  • Completed her Masters in Law at King's College (University of London)


  • Member of the City of West & Holborn Law Society (CWHLS)
  • Member of the Association of Regulatory & Disciplinary Lawyers (ARDL)
  • Member of the London Solicitors Litigation Association (LSLA)
  • Member of the Association of Prison Lawyers (APL)

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