The notarial service that we provide includes the standard functions of a 'notary public' which is authentication and certification of documents for use overseas. We are also able to arrange Foreign & Commonwealth Office legalisation, obtaining further certification from the relevant consulate and arrange to send the document to its ultimate destination.

We are able to authorise, prepare and certify a range of documents used to transact business overseas, including the following:

  • preparing and witnessing powers of attorney
  • taking declarations, affidavits and oaths
  • witnessing signatures on documents to deal with land, property and finances overseas
  • authenticating company and business documents
  • witnessing personal documents to apply to marry or to work abroad
  • attestation of Deeds
  • confirmation of the identity of individuals and in the case of corporate clients of directors, secretaries and other officers of a company.
  • certified copies of identification documents and verification of certificates.
  • dealing with public documents and arranging legalisation
  • notice of impediment of marriage
  • verification of academic certificates
  • renunciations

Our team

We are able to identify your requirements quickly and effectively and advise the best way to proceed and inform you of any additional steps which may be necessary to authenticate the document in a form that is acceptable in the country of its destination.

We are able to provide a fast service where Foreign & Commonwealth Office legalisation is required on the same day. We can arrange to obtain same day premium service legalisation for our clients. We use a local and reliable courier to send the documents to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and return the documents to our clients at a convenient place.

We also arrange postal legalisation which takes up to 5 days to process where required. In some cases we are able to organise Consular and Embassy legalisation on behalf of our clients. We also arrange secure courier delivery of documents and international courier services.

We can also advise in cross-border estates and can provide detailed advice in relation to buying/selling foreign property and the tax and inheritance implications of such transactions (in addition to the notarial matter).

Russell-Cooke has over 15 years experience as a notary public and has supervised trainee notaries at prominent city firms.

The notarial practice at Russell-Cooke enables the firm to provide a complete service to its clients. In matters where clients are involved in multi-national transactions and require notarisation of documents to send to agents overseas, Russell-Cooke can provide a service which includes all aspects of the transaction.

Our services

Notary services are available by appointment at our Putney office. Please call +44 (0)20 3826 7550 to discuss your requirements and arrange an appointment.

For information about how we are regulated and our complaints procedure, view our notary public services complaints procedures.

Our usual minimum charge is £350 plus VAT per document but where there are multiple documents or a number of copies of the same document, a discount is sometimes possible. Alternatively, we may, where appropriate, work on a time spent basis.

All fees are subject to VAT unless the client is based outside the EU. Courier and taxi services will be charged as an additional fee and added at the end of the transaction.

Foreign & Commonwealth Office

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office is the government department responsible for promoting British interests overseas and supporting the citizens and businesses around the globe. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office website provides detailed information about legalisation and obtaining apostilles.

The Notaries Society

The official website of the Notaries Society where you can find out more information about the functions of notary publics in England and Wales.

The International Union of Notaries

The International Union of Notaries is an organisation which co-ordinates and organises meetings and conferences of notaries around the world.